Mike has a wealth of experience in serving others. At the outset of his career, Mike worked for more than 13 years in higher education serving in various administrative and advisory roles. Within these roles Mike utilized and built upon his personal strengths of training, advising, mentoring and leadership. As rewarding as this was, Mike was unsettled and felt there was more to his vocation and calling. Purpose, passion, a sense of direction and a life of impact were the things Mike desired most, but felt were always just outside his reach.

In July of 2010 Mike took a contract role that landed him on the corporate side of a fast-growing direct sales organization. This organization was an amazing community of people with great purpose and an inspiring mission to serve others by empowering them to dream bigger, set and reach big goals, work from their strengths and make a difference in their lives, their families lives and their communities. It was here that Mike discovered what was missing. It wasn’t enough to simply work within his personal strengths, he needed to invest them in a way that aligned with a greater purpose to which he felt called.

Today, Mike knows that his purpose and passion is to guide, empower and support others in personal excavation and discovery that propels them from where they are to where they most want to be, both personally and professionally. Through coaching, training, facilitated discussion and mentorship, Mike works with and supports those who know there is "more" to Leadership, Business and Life, and are seeking clarity around what that "more" is for them and how to make it a reality.

My heart is to support others in development...I've learned that it's best to know the right questions first before the right answers. My vision is a world in which everyone is living life with purpose and intention. My mission is to do what I can to make that happen.Mike Clouse