On purpose and meaning

“Purpose is a path to meaning. You find meaning by becoming a means to an end.” Andy Stanley

This quote comes to life for me every time I work with one of my amazing clients. As a coach and
developer of others, I am blessed to serve as a guide toward clarity, direction, purpose, action and
fulfillment! Not by giving them the answers, but by supporting and empowering them to confidently
discern and determine their own answers and path. To realize its just as much, or more, about the
process than it is about the results. A great friend and colleague of mine calls it “helping someone turn a hole in their Leadership, Business and/or Life, into wholeness of Leadership, Business and/or Life.”

Coaching is one huge way I find great meaning and fulfillment in life. It brings all of my strengths, gifts, talents and abilities together with what I value most – relationships. It brings them together in a way that empowers me to serve as a means to someone else’s end. My purpose.

What are your strengths, gifts, talents and abilities?

How do you/could you invest them in a way that serves as a means to someone else’s end?

What will you do to make that happen…intentionally?

“When we help ourselves, we find moments of happiness. When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment” — Simon Sinek

Please take a moment to reflect on these questions. The answers are evidence to purpose and deeper meaning for YOUR every day life. I ask that you also please share below what comes to mind when you ask yourself these questions. You never know when your thoughts, words and experiences might hold they key to that of someone else’s.