Personal and Group Coaching

Focus on Life, Leadership, and/or Direct Selling

  • 2 to 4 sessions a month based on your need
    • Typically a session will be no more than 60 minutes
    • Sessions can be in-person (when possible), telephone or via video conference
    • A 15-minute touch-base session is available between sessions at no additional cost if needed and as schedules permit

  • Email communication is always welcome and I will respond as quickly as possible

  • During coaching sessions the topic and objectives are yours; I will partner with you to keep you on track and moving forward toward your overall goals and desired outcomes.

  • As we identify your goals and desired outcomes we will work together to design your plan of action for bringing those things to life

  • I ask you to prepare for each session by coming ready to share:
    • What accomplishments/progress can we celebrate?
    • What results are you seeing from these accomplishments?
    • What, if any, obstacles or challenges are in your way?
    • What is the #1 thing that is most important for us to concentrate on today?

  • Through discovery-based inquiry, proactive management of personal opportunities and challenges, constructive framing of observations and feedback and personal accountability you will:
    • Increase self-awareness and awareness of others,
    • Experience positive shifts in perspective,
    • Gain fresh insights and new frameworks for looking at opportunities and challenges,
    • Develop energy and inspiration for forward action.

  • I will challenge you to dig deeper and reach further; supporting you in not only doing your best, but in becoming your best.

  • Coaching Fees:
    • 2 calls per month = $270.00/month
    • 3 calls per month = $395.00/month
    • 4 calls per month = $500.00/month
    • Group coaching can be done with 2 to 4 people in a group, and the group arranges to split the fee among them.

Group Facilitation

  • Assisting groups/teams by facilitating meaningful and productive conversations toward clarity, consensus and desired outcomes for the team and the organization as a whole

  • Allows team leaders to participate in discussions as an equal part of the team, rather than leading conversations themselves

  • Fees vary based on group size, time allotted and location.

Team Building


Speaking at Team Retreats

  • Topics include, but not limited to…
    • Being On-Purpose, with Purpose
    • Overcoming Fear
    • Moving from Sales to Service

  • Fees vary based on group size, time allotted and location.